Timber Frame Houses

Timber Frame Houses 

Hey everybody. Welcome back. I hope you are all ready for another informative installment from my real estate blog. As you know, I like to look at and write about ways to make getting on the property ladder as affordable as possible. I have always recommended http://www.easyprices.com/ as a great source of affordable and budget properties. But another method of keeping cutting costs, if you have the stomach for it that is, is to design and build your own property. This can require a higher percentage of upfront costs as it will require the purchase of land, planning permissions, designs, materials and construction, but there are specialist sources of finance that cater to this market and the overall cost will prove cheaper than buying an existing property. Of course, another way to decrease costs is to reduce the time it takes to construct your home. That is where pre-built timber frame houses can come in rather handy. 

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Why Timber Frame Houses? 

Other than for the aesthetics, the major reason that self-builders desire timber frame houses is pre-build and delivered aspect of the process. This nullifies much of the time and labour costs of the build and simplifies the overall process. While masonry bricks and mortar are the conventional construction materials in many countries, there is still a lot to be gained from opting for a timber build and, as such, they are becoming ever more popular. For example, a traditional brick build is a time-consuming process. If speed is of the essence then a timber frame can usually be delivered on site and installed over the course of a week and the interior finishes can be started straight away, unlike with a brick build where it is essential to allow time for drying and settling. With the housing regulators becoming more and more focussed on the energy efficiency of residential properties, especially new builds, factory built timber frame homes are an extremely attractive option, being head and shoulders above other build types in this field. Being built largely from a non-conductive material and being easily insulated, timber homes offer heightened efficiency when it comes to heat retention, reducing energy costs and your environmental footprint. The price of a timber frame house can prove to be less than that of a brick and mortar build if project managed correctly, but it only take there to be a delay at the factory for costs to spiral in term of time. In real terms, there is not a lot in it. The common belief that a timber home will be more prone to fire, rot and/or infestation is a misconception. Modern fireproofing of materials and strict building regulations mean that a timber frame house is no more at risk than a traditional brick property. Pre-treatment of timber insures that rot and infestation are also a non-issue in the modern age. 


Other Things To Consider 

Before you opt for a timber frame build, there are various things that you should consider in advance. One of these is the effect it could have on your buildings insurance. There is obviously a heightened fire risk with any timber construction and this can have a negative effect on your premiums. But as the popularity of timber frame houses has risen, many specialist insurers have stepped in to fill the gap in the market and it is now much less difficult to obtain cover for a reasonable price. Whilst in the past mortgage lender were less inclined to finance a timber build, modern mortgage requirements are the same as they are for a bricks and mortar build. Problems can arise due to time frames and the fact that a lump sum maybe needed in advance to fund the factory build. However, this is nothing that can’t be solved by an experienced real estate project manager. 

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So there is my take on timber frame homes ladies and gents. If you are looking into a self-build, you should definitely take the timber option into account and give it some serious consideration. It may just be the ideal time and cost saver for your needs. If you want to learn more about the timber frame house market then you could do worse than to check out this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber_framing 

Thanks for tuning in once again folks. I hope you have found this post informative and entertaining. Be sure to drop me a line and tell me what you think and let me know what you would like me to blog about in future posts. Your input is always very welcome, as is your feedback and general comments. Bye for now folks!