Tenant Eviction FAQs

 Hello people, welcome to my favourite part of the internet; my real estate blog. I just had to evict a tenant from one of my rental properties, and I hated it. Evictions are so annoying, but they are just part of the reality of being a landlord. I always try and remember, don’t panic; be confident and take care of the problem at hand. I used to always contact my attorney to help me out, but I am now confident enough in my skills to do it myself. If you are not confident that you can complete the eviction correctly, contacting your attorney is highly recommended. Here are some of the more popular question other landlords ask me about eviction. 

How long does it take?

Most areas have laws in place that make sure if everything goes as planned and all the paperwork is properly signed then it should take about a month. However, there are so called “Tenant Friendly Zones” and in there an eviction can take anywhere from two to six months. 

What is the Cost to Me?

Government required fees are usually low, most states have them set at only $100 or $200 but you will never have to spend more than $500. If you have to use an attorney however, this will usually cost you about one thousand to two thousand dollars, plus the money you will have lost on rent and the inevitable property damage. 

Where Can I Get an Eviction Letter?

The first thing that you have to do for an eviction is serve the tenant with a notice of eviction. This is usually known as an Eviction Letter, and is either the Pay or Vacate Notice or the Notice to Comply. These can be gotten from any attorney dealing in property law or from website with free real estate forms.

 Eviction Notice