Solar Power For Your House

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and had a great weekend. I would like to welcome you back to Real Estate blog. This post is going to be very special because today I will talk about solar power, especially solar heat and solar energy. Most people use these terms similarly but they mean something totally different.
I will give you a brief overview about these two technologies and some basic infomation if you consider getting a system yourself. In my opinion you actually should. You may have to invest some money in the first place, but it pays off sooner as you think. Furthermore these initial investments are very beneficial in the long run, especially if you bought a new or your first home. And, last but not least, they are sustainable!

Different Technologies

As I already said before, often these two terms are mixed up. Solar power is a kind of main topic. Whereas solar energy uses the sun to generate (a direct) current, which later on, after some processing, can be used to power your house, a solar thermal or heating system, as the name suggests, produces heat. It is mainly used for the warm water supply.

Solar Technology

Both technologies are very different and thus their required prerequisites vary. Depending on your property you may seek for advice, which technology is suitable for your home and environment and meets your personal needs. I guess equipping some timber frame houses is quite a difficult and expensive task.

However, a good start is the website They provide a bunch of very interesting articles about alternative energy in general and not just about solar power.

Solar Heat

To produce heat, a solar heat module consists of a frame with a couple of reflective materials. This frame houses the actual pipes. These pipes contain the medium which is supposed to heat up. In most cases this is just water for the warm water supply.

Solar Heating System

According to consumer advice centres, it is worthwhile to install a solar heating system as soon as a household has an annual hot water consumption of about 50 cubic meters or even more. This roughly corresponds to a household with three people with a daily use of about 150 litres. About 1.5 square meters are required per person. And if you want to use the system for heating as well, it should be about three or four square meters.

Despite the fact that these modules are quite expensive, it is a good way to buy a used ones. The great website for classified adds offers good deals on second hand solar collectors.

Solar Energy

Solar cells produce energy which can be used to support your home. The costs for photo-voltaic systems have dropped dramatically over the past few years. Today they are very affordable. So they are more worthwhile than ever.
Today you have to invest roughly about $1.500 per kWp. Kilowatt peak stands for peak power and does mean the maximum output with regard to optimal conditions.

Solar Energy System

But solar energy has a massive downside, though. It is only available during the day when the sun is actually shining. Generally this is not a big issue because nowadays the energy can be stored in modern lithium batteries. This way the power will also be available during the night time. By the use of these means, depending on your private habits and consumption, by installing a solar system, you can save in total up to 40 percent.

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So I hope you gained knew knowledge and I was able to convince you to look closer into these technologies. But make sure to be consulted beforehand. Don't rush on your decision. After you have settled, you can purchase cheap thermal and solar systems off the shopping website They offer great deals and bargains even on the latest solar technology.