My favourite house

My Favourite House

There are many different things that people like about different houses. Things that some people love, other people hate. Take the recent trend for open-space living. Some people love it and can’t imagine why you would divide a house into many different boxes, whilst others hate open plan and like their houses divided into specific function orientated rooms. Some people like grand mansions with high ceilings, some love cosy low-ceilinged cottages. Some people like modern-style apartments whilst some like the romance of old, doddery buildings. The place you choose to live really reflects a part of your personality.

Houses also define periods of your life in a similar way to music.  We grow attached to houses as they become our homes. A haven that you return to after school or a hard day at work. They are such an important part of our lives.


My favourite home was probably one that I lived in for only a short space of time as a child. It was an old Victorian building with an off-license as a business on the bottom floor. It was huge, with around fifteen bedrooms and high, Victorian ceilings that meant it was a nightmare to heat but was a fantastic space for a kid. I spent a lot of time playing hide and seek in the many rooms with friends or playing a multitude of other games in the space. It had musical history too – The Strangler used to practise in the basement. There was even a lift that was used to bring stock up from the basement delivery room to the main shop. All exciting things for a young child.


I only lived there for a short time but it was a house that left an indelible imprint on my childhood. There were so many great memories held within those walls.