Good Tenant/Landlord Relations

Good Tenant/Landlord Relations

    Hi there folks, welcome back to another nifty post about Real Estate. This week I would like to discuss with you the importance of Tenant/Landlord relations. My brother is having some issues with his landlord and has asked me for some help, so I pick up a couple of of law and real estate books from a used goods website and hoped in the truck to go see him. Last year my brother moved into one side of a Duplex in a town near where we both grew up, and he had no issues with his landlord. However that landlord sadly passed away and now his son owns the property, and the stories I hear about this man make my head spin. He has been caught using a kay to come into the house when my brother is at work (only caught because of cameras that were installed for that reason) and numerous other things that could be prosecutable. Hopefully this time my brother will listen and we will get this sorted out.


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Good Manners-As a Tenant

    I have been both a landlord and a tenant in my short life so I can at least try to understand where both parties are coming from because if it is not unreasonable I have most likely thought the same thing at some point. After I built my Timber Framed house I rented it out to a rental company while  I was away as they would look after everything, and when I came back they invoiced me for cleaning due to a group of college kids who had a party and trashed the place. Now, I was understandably upset as I had a contract with this company and they screwed me ( I later found out the company did this often, and their CEO is now in the Caribbean somewhere). The group of kids who rented the house had no accountability as they signed up for a weekend getaway and were very hard to find anyways. It took a long time to finally rent out the house again and the next tenants were a dream. They contacted me promptly when anything went wrong, offered to compensate me for anything that was their doing kept the property in good shape through small effortless repairs. These people were the best tenants I ever had and the showed me how to be an even better landlord.


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Good Manners-As a Landlord

        I was a little bitter after my issues with the renting company, and as a result wasn’t the best landlord i could have been for probably about six months into the next tenants lease. I was very critical in my inspections, and made them as regular as legally possible. After a while I saw the tenants honesty however and that helped me to move on from what happened. When they would call me about an issue, i would no longer grumble and groan about it and blame them, but I would instead ask if anything else needing attention and even offer to upgrade some things at no cost to them. Keeping your tenants happy is very important as a landlord or they may share ill perceived opinions with new tenants before they are able to develop their own opinions. Remember, it is a two way street the whole way.


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If Issues Arise

    The biggest thing to remember about when you have an issue with your tenant/landlord is to stay calm. Even if the other party becomes angry, remaining calm is the only way to fully protect yourself. Well, that and buying some sort of Nanny Cam if you think an issue may arise( D-Link has a good guide on setting them up if you do get one Make sure to research and be educated about tenancy and leasing laws in your are, as well as your state laws and the national laws. Issues with a leasing can be very difficult to discuss without either side feeling like a victim, so try to do any confrontation in a private spot but still on somewhat neutral ground. Neither party should feel threatened that an issue has arisen, both parties should just be focused on fixing the issue.


Give Things Time

    Most importantly when dealing with an issue about a rental property is to realize that things take time. That doesn’t mean that you can take forever to do some work as a landlord( which is the issue I am helping my brother with) and it also doesn’t mean block off your doors to hold off an inspection. It does mean that you have to realize that at the end of each side is just a person trying to get something done. Sometimes things take a while to do, and not everyone has the time to fully clean their house on a moment's notice. But if you both realize that, then you shouldn’t have any major problems anyways.