Clean Your House For Sale

Clean Your House For Sale

Hello everyone, and a warm welcome back to my real estate blog. Today we will be tackling the issue of cleaning your house before selling, or before listing if you are still in the process. This can be an expensive process for some, as not having the right equipment in a timely fashion will mean you need to hire an external company. As I mentioned in my post about boosting the chance to sell your house, having a clean house when you are listing is vital. Luckily, you normally know when you will be listing so you can stock up on equipment before hand, and you can even buy most equipment second hand from websites like Personally I always buy used for something like this, as you will have just as many issues as you would with a new model of say, a carpet cleaner as you will with a used one. 

Steam Your Carpets

Speaking of carpet cleaners, get one. The number one complaint from potential home owners of houses that have not had their carpets cleaned is, you guessed it, the carpets. Carpets hold everything, from the moisture in the air to smoke, to the the smell from the burnt ribs four years ago. The only real way to get these out is with a carpet cleaner, which uses steam to get right into the individual pieces of carpet. These are best to buy used, as rental ones are complete garbage and buying them new brings just as much problem as even the cheapest used one. I prefer to look at when looking for carpet cleaning machines as they have super low prices and most machines can be picked up locally. 

carpet cleaning machine 

Mow the Lawn

If you are selling a house and not an apartment or condo, another thing prospective buyers will look at when making that decision is the lawn. If the lawn is cut and well weeded, then it will look easy to maintain and neat already. On the other hand, lawn where the grass in up to your ankles will look messy and too much trouble. Most properties can be mowed with a simple push mower, but for the people living on large ground go for a riding mower. I am a huge fan of Husqvarna, as they have great customer service and the machines are very durable. I recently had to get a riding mower after having sold mine thinking it would no longer be needed, and I did get a Husqvarna riding mower that was for sale on at a really cheap price. 

husqvarana riding mower 

Clean Up

If you are going to be showing your house, cleaning up yourself will go a long way. Keep you hair a little bit more trimmed than normal, and always wear something nice. You can get a general idea from my post about relationships with your landlord( If you think this was an interesting post and want me to put some more tips on here then let me know in the comments below. Otherwise have a great day everyone. 

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