Buy a Castle Today

Hello there everyone, welcome back to my real estate blog. Do any of you out there feel like you aren’t fancy enough? Do you continually look for somewhere that you can call you castle, and never find anywhere good? Well I know the feeling. I want to be a king, is that so much to ask? Turns out that no, it isn’t because all you have to do is buy a castle. Here are some really cool castles that you can buy right now, and you really should. 

Ballindooley Castle

For just a crisp $1.1 million, you can be the proud owner of Ballindooley Castle in lovely Galway, Ireland. This property is presumed to have been constructed in the late 15th century, with some historians placing it at 1480. In the 1916 uprising the castle was shelled by the British Gunboat “Helga” in order to disband rebels who were gathering there to march on the city. In total there are four flours, a fifth if you include the retreat to the rooftop. 

Château de Corbere

Located in the south of France, this stunning castle is described as tranquil, secure and private while not quite being isolated. Although some people might consider this only a townhouse, the $4.1 million price tag might move you towards calling it a castle. The property features an outdoor pool, lemon trees, a sunken Italian garden and even a pergola. Previously the building has been used as a boutique hotel and a private residence, and currently any buyer is in a great position to do either. Inside the building you will find four grand rooms, along with 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, most of which I assume feature the latest in technology. Definitely a great place to feel like a king.

Irish Tower